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INB Events, Inc. is the producer of Home and Holiday shows all across Florida. By becoming a sponsor at one or more of our excellent events, your company is offered the opportunity to gain a high level of exposure, high visibility, and name recognition to the targeted audience in your local community. Our events also include community work such as: saving the planet, recycling, helping the less fortunate, Pet Adoption, and volunteer programs for the community. 

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to put your product or service directly in the hands of thousands of new customers.
Allow our unique concept, to help you satisfy your sales and marketing objectives through a variety of sponsorship opportunities. It is designed to maximize your media and onsite exposure to the local community and prosperous consumers. Benefit BEFORE the show through inclusion in pre-event marketing programs. Benefit DURING the event with onsite traffic and exposure to a targeted audience of regional community and members of the industry. And benefit FOLLOWING the event with leads generated at the show. For additional sponsorship information contact Dan:
305-677-9919 or email


Here are some of the significant benefits.


Prime Location

Your company will have the best spot to be in front and seen by the attendees.

Choose the Location that is right for your company. 

Be the most visible in high traffic areas.

Face-to-face Interaction

Meet face-to-face your targeted customers

Speak and interact with thousands of potential customers, get leads, and generate sales. Put your product/service in front of a broad audience during and after the show.

1000 Good Deeds Program

Your company will be associated with giving back to the community and volunteering programs. At this unique platform, we will be doing charity work, helping defenseless pets find a kind and loving home, help to save the planet, donate clothes to homeless shelters. Get your company in front of this cause, and your sales will increase.

Test the Market 

Sampling your products to potential customers.

Place your product/service in the hands of your potential buyers.

Brand Awareness

Through logo recognition

Increase visibility before, during, and after the show. Your logo can be featured in advertisements, attendees shopping bags, entrance tickets, Large signage at the expo hall, visual ad in the attendee’s brochure, and much more.

Maximize Your Exposure

By partnering with INB Events, your company, brand, product, service, or logo, will be seen by the mass market. Your company would be featured to millions, with high exposure in Mainstream media and Social media. This platform will draw business before the show with our marketing team, during the show by having the premium booth location and your logo will feature everywhere, after the show by generating new leads from the audience.